Knowledge Base

  1. General 

    1. Cost effectiveness though platform standardization
    2. ISO formatting of dates and time
  2. User Help 

    1. How to reset your password
    2. How to set up My profile and email integration in RunMags
    3. How to search for information in RunMags
    4. Start page
    5. Planner
  3. Getting Started Videos 

    1. How to initiate a free trial of RunMags
    2. Navigating RunMags
    3. How to use the basic CRM features in RunMags
  4. Sales & CRM 

    1. How to add a new advertiser
    2. Locking deals
    3. How to add a new subscriber
    4. How to log customer calls
    5. How to create a deal to sell ads
  5. Marketing 

    1. Managing subscription portals (Campaigns)
    2. Purchased lists
  6. Production 

    1. How to view booked ads
    2. How to view booked editorials
    3. How to view and add issues
    4. How to view and add ad products
    5. How to set up subscription products
  7. Distribution 

    1. Distribution batches
    2. Distribution reports
  8. Finance 

    1. Perform billing
    2. Changing the billing date to get invoices out earlier
    3. Managing outstanding invoices
    4. Register payments
    5. Crediting an invoice by issuing a credit note
  9. Merchant Services 

    1. Introducing RunMags Merchant Services
    2. How much does it cost to accept credit card payments?
  10. Pricing and Billing 

    1. RunMags Inc.
    2. How does the 14 day trial work?
    3. RunMags invoicing and billing
    4. VAT Information - Value Added Tax
  11. System Administration 

    1. Setting up your company to use RunMags
    2. Adding modules and changing the licensed configuration
    3. Add a co-worker (a new user)
    4. Administrating user access Levels
    5. Importing advertiser and subscriber data
  12. Organizational Change Management 

    1. RunMags Change Management methodology and best practices
  13. All articles 

    1. Contact RunMags
    2. Setting up your company to use RunMags
    3. Distribution batches
    4. RunMags Inc.
    5. How to initiate a free trial of RunMags

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